About Pursue

Christine Vatcher brings experience in business and education spanning 16 years. She has a Honours Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. Christine has been teaching Career Studies at King's since 2010, passionately preparing students for their post-secondary endeavours and connecting them to meaningful opportunities in the workplace. In addition to teaching, Christine has experience as a general manager with CARA Foods and a program coordinator in several government funded programs and charities focused on increasing employment opportunities (Skills For Employment, Life & Family, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, and the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario).

Co-operative Education (Pursue) is a unique learning opportunity that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. It is based on a partnership between the school and business. It involves the participation of students, teachers, and placement supervisors. Students are provided with valuable work experience involving:

• The practical aspects of a career
• The demands of employment
• The expectations of employers in a changing work environment

The training received at the business location and the learning at school complement each other and provides students with credits (1, 2 or 4) toward their graduation diploma.

Pursue will help you understand:

  • The practical aspects of a career
  • The demands of employment
  • The expectations of employers in a changing work environment

Students will:

  • Gain knowledge and attitudes necessary for successful job performance
  • Gain knowledge of resume writing, interviewing techniques, labour market and career trends
  • Learn to assume responsibility and acquire good work habits
  • Receive real world experience for their potential career in any industry: Medicine, Finance, Law, Health, Construction, Skilled Trades and more
  • Be given options of varying time slots to accommodate different student timetables (morning, afternoon, evening and weekends)
  • Have a fluid Pursue program that allows for increased responsibilities/advancement for the student if excelling in placement position
  • Be able to rotate into various positions within the organization to gain a holistic view of the industry and/or career
  • Be placed at locations either close to school or home

Prior to a placement:

The placement supervisor will meet with the Pursue Director to:

  • Discuss health and safety issues, procedures, equipment and clothing requirements
  • Establish mutual expectations and responsibilities for the Pursue partnership
  • Determine a specific work site location for the student and a schedule of hours
  • Discuss the development of a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP)
  • Establish orientation procedures for the Pursue student
  • Discuss the student interview process. The interview allows both the student and the placement supervisor to meet one another, to understand their roles and responsibilities and to assess the match up with individual needs

During a Pursue placement:

The placement supervisor provides the following support:

  • Provides an orientation for the student
  • Provides a safe working and learning environment with appropriate safety procedures
  • Provides on-site supervision
  • Assists in the development of a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP)
  • Consults with the teacher during visits
  • Provides a variety of work experiences (usually 3 hours per day) to assist students in developing their skills and extending their learning from school to the workplace
  • Completes the student Performance Appraisals

Pursue Placements to Date

Students have participated in Pursue placements at the following:

  • Belanger Engineering
  • Britannia Medical Clinic
  • Catherine Egboye Law Offices
  • Century 21
  • Chartwell Retirement Residences
  • Classic Carpentry
  • Cogeco
  • Credit Valley Hospital
  • Ecosource
  • Fern Hill School
  • GolfTown
  • Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy
  • Innovative Arts
  • Keiz Marshall Performing Arts Academy
  • Little Kids Day Care Centre
  • Mapletek Computers
  • Midas
  • Milton Humane Society
  • Mississauga Hospital
  • New Electric
  • North Oakville Animal Hospital
  • Oakpark Pet Hospital
  • Oakville Centre for Vision
  • Oakville Christian School
  • Oakville Holiday Inn
  • Oakville Tech
  • Reflex Medical Centre
  • Revlon Canada
  • River Oaks Dental
  • Rogers Canada
  • St. Faustina Elementary School
  • The Bronte Villager
  • The Halton Centre for Cognitive Therapy & Stress Reduction
  • Toronto Rock Lacrosse
  • Waffles International
  • Westbridge Veterinary Hospital
  • White Pines Montessori School
  • WPE Landscape Equipment