About Advanced Placement

The Advancement Placement (AP) program is an internationally recognized educational testing program that brings university-level curricula and studies to high school students. The AP program as administered is essentially an extracurricular program where students invest hours of independent preparation time – using exam prep books and textbooks, working with peers, and assisted by teachers – toward writing the AP exam.

There is a distinction to be made between AP Courses and AP Exams. We do not offer AP Courses at King’s. An AP Course is a course whose curriculum and structure has been audited by the College Board, and for which an AP designation appears on the student’s transcript. King’s has not undergone the auditing process. However, we have studied the curriculum and the exams, and put resources in place so that motivated students can successfully prepare to write the exams. In addition, some AP curriculum connects very well with some courses at King’s (such as Calculus and English Literature) and enables students to often match exam preparation with work done during regular class time.

Success on the AP exam in May of each year has many benefits. High scores can lead to credit being granted for courses at universities in Canada and the US. AP curriculum provides exceptional enrichment for students. The rigour of AP preparation models the rigour of studies at university and helps prepare students for success in university programs. Statistically, writing AP exams is one of the best indicators for successful graduation from a university program in the minimum number of years. And finally, AP students have an extra, fantastic item for inclusion on scholarship or other applications.

AP exams work best when students have passion for the subject, have experienced successful and deep learning in that subject in the past (usually associated with marks in the 90s) and can manage a very heavy independent workload. Typically preparations for an AP exam would double the amount of work a student does for a regular course.


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At King’s, contact the Director of AP, Mr. Kevin Smith (905.257.5464 ext 527), or a teacher in the subject area in which you are interested. King’s has offered exams in the following subject areas: Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature, European History, French, Macro and Micro Economics, Music Theory, Physics, US History and World History. Other exam possibilities may be available upon request.