Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend King’s?

675 students are enrolled in Grades 9 through 12.

Do you provide bus service?

King’s arranges for daily transportation from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Georgetown and beyond. See our Bus Route & Schedule page for more information.

Who owns the school?

The school is an independent entity controlled by the members who appoint the Board of Directors.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I come from a public school or am home-schooled?

The King’s staff recognizes that each student is an individual, a beautiful creation. We value differences, knowing that these differences add a richness to classroom discussions. There is no disadvantage.

Is there an initiation process for grade 9s?

Initiation rites are not part of the King’s culture. Our seniors and Prefects deliberately seek out new students in order to help them become involved and feel comfortable in their new environment. All are welcome and embraced.

Can I play on a sports team?

All students are encouraged to become involved in school activities. Senior students transferring to King’s need to complete a transfer form to be eligible to play intra-school sports.

Do I need a laptop?

A laptop is not required to be a King’s student. However, many students find a laptop helpful in taking notes, in organizing materials and in the preparation of class assignments. The King’s campus provides wireless connectivity.

Is there a student leadership program?

We encourage all students to become leaders. Leadership is developed by attending conferences, organizing school events, participating in clubs and sports, seeking election to student government, and membership in the King’s Prefect Program.

Will I be able to get into a good university after graduation from King’s?

King’s graduates are sought after by all the leading universities across Canada as well as the elite Ivy League colleges in the U.S. Each year, over 90% of King’s graduates go directly into university, the vast majority of them into their first choice.

Does King’s provide SAT and TOEFL testing services?

The King’s Student Services Staff will assist all students in preparing for the tests as well as arranging for a test date and location.