Parent Comments

A selection of parents’ comments in response to the King’s learning-at-home experience during COIVD-19:

“Always proud of and impressed with King’s during this time.”

“From the very first day of remote learning I have been thoroughly impressed by the King’s teachers’ dedication and passion towards teaching. I can often hear the Zoom lessons as they take place and confess to listening in and smiling at the upbeat and positive interactions that I have heard between the teachers and their students. I was hesitant about sending my boys to a private establishment, however any doubts or concerns that I may have had have completely disappeared throughout our experience at King’s. Your seamless response to this current learning environment has made me proud to say that my boys attend such a well-run and well-respected institution. Keep up the good work and we sincerely thank you.”

“I think the faculty at King’s is doing a great job in keeping the learning going and finding new ways for the students to stay engaged. Thank you to all the teachers and staff who are all dealing with this new reality and making sure that the students are taken care of. “

“Thank you for all your hard work.”

“I am impressed with the thoughtful preparation and feedback that many of the teachers are providing to our children. Teaching in a remote learning environment is a challenge and I think the King’s staff has embraced this challenge and set a positive tone for learning. Thank you!”

“We are very pleased with King’s commitment during this COVID-19 lockdown.”

“I have been impressed with how the school has responded during these difficult times! I thought the S’mores delivered by a teacher was a very thoughtful and personal touch.”

“Thank you for all you are doing for the students and families. Reaching out, connecting regularly, keeping students well stimulated and reassuring them that hope is on the horizon following these temporary unprecedented times.”

“The teachers are over and above amazing! The communication is excellent and they are always available to help.”

“Thank you to King’s for doing their best at this challenging time. It is a learning experience for everyone. It is important for us to be able to have our sons keeping busy at home and learning as we work as this time. Life is very busy for essential workers and it has been most helpful to have consistency for schooling. We are very grateful.”

“I overheard one of the earlier class sessions of one teacher in particular. He was remarkable. With incredible patience he answered question after question about technology and submitting assignments. I would’ve been exhausted but he soldiered on and showed amazing grace. Another teacher has blessed me with a kid who is active every day and helping around the house like never before. There are more stories I’m sure but I’m thankful we chose King’s as a home for our son. Thank you King’s 💕”

“The teachers have been absolutely wonderful and super helpful. The communication has been outstanding. If it weren’t for the incredible teachers at King’s my child would be failing. Thank you!”