King’s Christian Collegiate has gained a widespread reputation for offering superb instruction in a welcoming culture of respect and opportunity. Teaching is delivered in a distinctly caring manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. King’s students are eager to achieve deep understanding within each subject area, ranging from mathematics, history, science and business to visual and theatre arts, music, Biblical studies and literature.

Since opening with 64 students in 2001, King’s has grown to serve 680 students in Grades 9 through 12. Class sizes are limited, with some classes having fewer than 10 students, allowing lively interaction and an ideal opportunity for maximum learning. The student body comprises teens from around the globe, including students from Egypt, Korea, Australia, Jordan, Switzerland, South America and China.

We are an independent government-inspected and approved Christian high school in Oakville, Ontario, offering students every opportunity for success in high school and beyond, by providing excellent instruction in a safe and stimulating academic environment. King’s is a charitable organization incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario to establish, maintain and operate a school to provide Christ-centred secondary education. The corporation is governed by a set of by-laws, which were adopted November 8, 1999 and are amended from time to time.

Our Vision

To provide the finest secondary education in a Christian environment that encourages self-discipline, creative thinking, and strong character development, and that equips students academically, socially, physically and spiritually, employing all talents to the honour of God.

Our Mission

To equip students to grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” (Luke 2:52).

The Beliefs That Guide Us

At King’s, we believe that the quality of education that a teenager receives is determined in large measure by the staff that interacts with them every day.

At King’s, we believe that the quality of education that a teenager receives is determined in large measure by the staff that interacts with them every day.

Think back to your own high school education. Perhaps you can remember one or two teachers who inspired you – to love learning, to think critically and creatively, to exceed even your own expectations. Now imagine a whole school filled with just such teachers.

We strive to hire exemplary teachers – gifted Christians with enthusiastic, pioneering spirits who are committed to helping your teenager flourish in a challenging academic environment. They are teachers of integrity who believe in the unique giftedness of each of their students and who provide positive role models in a wholesome, healthy educational environment.

King’s provides your teen with a well-rounded education, with a particular emphasis on achieving excellence in languages, maths, sciences and business. In equipping our students for university or the workforce, we provide a technology-rich environment where computers are essential learning tools. In addition to core subjects, the school offers a range of fine arts courses as well as a solid extracurricular program to encourage participation in athletic endeavours, visual arts, music, dramatic arts and other areas of interest.

We recognize that a safe and harmonious atmosphere is of primary concern to both parents and students alike. To that end, all students agree to adhere to a Code of Behaviour upon admission and understand that violation of the Code will result in probation or dismissal from the school. Discipline is a non-issue. Students and staff are expected to apologize when they have disrespected another. Punishment to change behaviour is avoided wherever possible.

We believe that the development of character is as important an aspect of learning as the development of the mind. Consequently, students are taught to uphold such values as integrity, honour and respect for others, and are expected to demonstrate these qualities in their lives. Regular chapel services and required courses in Religious Studies help to reinforce the values that parents and teachers strive to impart.

It is our desire to provide your teenager with the finest secondary education in a Christian environment that encourages self-discipline, creative thinking and strong character development, and that equips its students academically, socially, physically and spiritually for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our History

In September 1998, several members of the Halton community were inspired to pray about the possibility of establishing a Christian high school in the area. After a period of one month, they, along with other like-minded individuals, met and shared what they felt God had laid on their hearts concerning this endeavour.

The result was the striking of a steering committee in January 1999. Parents in seven Christian area schools were surveyed as to their interest in a new high school. By-laws and a constitution were drawn up by the committee and on April 27, 1999, the constituting meeting of the Halton Region Christian Education Association was held.

Hundreds of families now belong to the association. The membership is diverse in its church denominations, yet united in its desire to provide quality Christian-based secondary school education to its young people.