Bus Information

Since 2001 Attridge Transportation (905-333-4047) has provided safe busing to and from King's daily for those families who signed up for bus service.

Bus routes are revised annually depending on the location of the families requesting transportation services. Every effort is made to establish convenient stops, taking into account timeliness and safety considerations.

Please adhere to the schedule as posted, arriving at your stop five minutes before the posted time. Parents with serious concerns about their student’s pick-up or drop-off are asked to contact Attridge.

Parents, guardians and students are able to track buses using an approved app through Trackem. Aside from a one-time set up fee of $20, this service, which includes up to three licenses and the possibility to track one or two buses, comes free of charge. Trackem users are able to locate their buses to within one minute of real time and have easy access to helpful support. To make registration easy, simply follow this link to subscribe to start tracking your bus right away: http://www.trackem.com/kingsregister