Updated March 2015


A Christian secondary school which encourages self-discipline, creative thinking and strong character development, so that students employ all skills and abilities to the honour of God.


To equip students to grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man (Luke 2:52).


Innovative Christian Educators Testing Learning Boundaries

Strategic Objectives:

1: Providing an exemplary, comprehensive Christian secondary school program that is recognized:

  • as a centre of instructional excellence rooted in profound Biblical understanding;
  • as a caring and welcoming environment with emphasis on spiritual depth;
  • for integrating Information Technology into the curriculum and enhancing student learning.

2: Developing in students habits of gratitude, courtesy, self-direction, reflection and foundational Biblical thought in all their endeavours.

3: Attracting, retaining and developing a highly skilled, professional staff who are enthusiastic and dedicated Christians.

4: Maintaining and executing a fiscally responsible financial plan that includes a robust bursary program.

5: Maintaining and providing effective and durable facilities that are clean and safe.

Core Principles

Our core principles are:

  • To remain firm in the King’s vision and core beliefs for a continuously relevant Christian education.
  • To attract strong Biblical leaders to school assemblies.
  • To encourage Bible study, prayer and strategies for listening for the voice of God.
  • To experience and provide shalom through acts of forgiveness, restoration, and respect rooted in the Great Love commandment.
  • To enrich and maintain the Friday morning Research and Development program.
  • To attract renowned educational leaders to the King’s August symposiums.
  • To envision plans for the growth of King’s beyond its current physical location.
  • To maximize rental revenue.
  • To recognize and celebrate staff contributions to the King’s program.

Specific Goals

Our goals are:

  • To employ a recruitment service to attract staff in key areas of growth and development.
  • To employ a Cooperative Education (CO-OP) director to broaden course options and to connect King’s to community experts.
  • To bless elementary schools of origin through partnerships with such King’s programs as student leadership, athletics, robotics and the arts.
  • To support teachers new to the teaching profession and new to King’s through a remarkable mentoring program.
  • To review and rewrite current job descriptions for vision and clarity.
  • To employ a communications expert to manage the website and to develop a relevant social media identity for the school.
  • To review and administer a preferred Pension Plan for qualifying staff.
  • To investigate the development of a King’s online identity.

Our goals are:

  • To re-purpose and re-position, as needed, King’s organizational structure to support students and staff of a school of 700.
  • To promote and maintain an interactive website.
  • To strengthen relationships with alumni and to develop an alumni presence among current students.
  • To develop a clear vision for the academic support system for excellence in sports and in the arts.
  • To complete Phase V of the building plan< ./li>
  • To develop and maintain a highly effective business program.
  • To provide exemplary support for a community service program.
  • To define a two-thirds teaching load as a full-time position for teachers new to the profession hired at King’s.
  • To develop a remarkable CO-OP program for 100 students so that King’s is known as the University of Waterloo of high school co-op programs.
  • To redesign the current library space for increased opportunities for student project researching, planning and designing.
  • To grow the bursary program from $300,000 to $750,000.