Student Life

Student Leadership

We encourage our students to develop their individual leadership styles. Whether a student enjoys behind-the-scenes organizing or likes to be front and centre, there are many diverse opportunities for servant leadership here. In the realm of Student Life, our formal leadership programs include the Prefect Leadership Program, Student Council and The Grade 10 Challenge Leadership Team.

Global Education Initiative…exploring and serving

We believe that an entry point to loving our neighbours is knowing our neighbours — learning about the background, culture and lives of others. Each year, we offer a variety of high quality teacher-led educational trips. Yearbook pages are full of student testimonials citing these adventures as memorable highlights. Service trips broaden perspectives, offer hands-on opportunities to make a difference, and encourage students in their spiritual walks. Cultural trips present vibrant, worthwhile and tangible learning opportunities. The King’s destinations have been diverse – including such countries as Israel, Indonesia, Belize, France, Italy, Brazil, and New Zealand. Additionally, an annual service trip to the Dominican Republic builds on a treasured partnership with the Lighthouse Christian school and the community of Los Alcarrizos. On all King’s trips, new friendships are formed, knowledge is expanded and lasting memories are created. To encourage the participation of all students, bursaries are available to assist with the financial costs. It is our hope that each King’s students will participate in one trip before graduating.

Student Council…inspiring and inviting

A vibrant and creative Student Council is formed each year where, under the mentorship of teacher advisors, students work together to plan outstanding events that bring the student body together and provide opportunities for students and staff to demonstrate their school spirit.

Impressive Student Council Executive campaigns take place prior to elections in May, while individual Grade and International Student Representatives are elected in September. Over the years, the teamwork of these committed individuals has been evident in worthwhile events such as the 30 Hour Famine, Operation Christmas Child, “Movember”, Hoops for Hearts, the Terry Fox Run, spiritual retreats, and winter coat and food drives. Gym riots, theme dress days and dances are invigorating and popular events that bring students together for much laughter, building community spirit and fun. The Student Council is always offering enticing ways for students to get involved.

The Grade 10 Challenge…investing and equipping

The Grade 10 Challenge is a new initiative, unique to King’s Christian Collegiate, that aims specifically at encouraging and motivating Grade 10 students. We want Grade 10 to be a remarkable and significant year of learning. By focusing on common goals and language, we strive to elevate student academic standards at this grade level regarding 5 Rs:

  • Respect
  • Readiness
  • Responsibility
  • Reaching out
  • Real effort

The Gr. 10 Challenge components:

A Student Leadership Team
Our student leadership team is instrumental for turning ideas into action. These students, nominated by their peers and teachers, provide valuable input, communicate with their peers, and help implement activities for the entire class. They work closely with committed teacher advisors to help coordinate meaningful and engaging activities.

Learning Conferences
Through the collaborative effort of teacher advisors and Gr. 10 Student Leaders, professional learning conferences are held twice a year to target issues pertinent to Grade 10 students. Topics such as “Student-Teacher Communication,” “Dealing with Distractions” and “Emotions and Learning” provide useful ideas and strategies.

Motivational Speakers
Carefully selected guests are invited to share their unique stories and experiences. Through powerful storytelling, students are effectively impacted. Past speakers include Andy Thibodeau, Stu Saunders, Dr. Mary Ashun and Kyle MacDonald.

Meaningful Class Trips
Diverse and educational class outings add adventure and excitement to The Grade 10 Challenge. Whether participating in a behind-the-scenes sports broadcasting tour, a factory view into chocolate-making, an interactive exploration of a university campus, an impaired driving simulator, a voyageur canoe adventure or a visit to a car-assembly plant, students will definitely be exposed to new knowledge and skills. Each year offers something different.

Our sincere hope is to make the Grade 10 year a truly uplifting experience. By working as a unified Grade 10 community of teachers and students, we wish to enhance learning skills, strengthen relationships, and facilitate leadership so that students experience individual growth and develop a strong foundation for the increasing rigours of high school and postsecondary studies.

If you have idea that could enhance any component of The Grade 10 Challenge, feel free to contact Mrs. Conlin (905.257.5464 ext 517).

International Students…transitioning and integrating

Our school culture is enriched by the presence of students from many different countries. Certain students choose to attend King’s Christian Collegiate as visitors to the country, attracted by the high quality of education available here. Often, these students are pursuing the challenge of improving their English skills while working towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

A strong support system is in place to meet the unique needs of our international students. Along with ESL classes and teachers, there is a guidance counsellor ready to provide direction, encouragement and assistance. Our faculty is keenly aware of the transition cycle that is common for students who have moved away from their homes and culture, so teachers are generous in their encouragement and, when necessary, accommodations. Our Student Life advisors and Prefects are intentional about helping our international students integrate into the student body. There is a special Student Council role for the International Student Representative. Every year, special activities are planned to expose students to Canadian culture and geography, and to help them build connections among the student body. Several international students have been acknowledged as leaders at King’s – winning competitions in art and mathematics, and securing roles such as Prefects, club organizers, and sports team captains. Recently, an international student was elected by the student body as the Student Council Prime Minister (2010). Many international students have graduated from King’s Christian Collegiate with top honours and have been accepted into prestigious universities in Canada and the United States. We endeavour to help our international students achieve the goals and dreams that convinced them to make the bold decision of studying in Canada.

For further information about becoming an international student at King’s, please contact Sharon Roebbelen (905.257.5464 ext 508).