Prefects…leading and connecting

The Prefect Leadership Program was created to provide formal leadership training and to enable selected students to put their recognized abilities into action in powerful ways. Based on staff nominations and a student application process, a diverse and capable team of Grade 11 and 12 Prefects is selected each year.

Welcoming new students is definitely the favourite role of Prefects, and they do their best to ensure that our new students step into a warm and friendly environment, where initiation and hierarchies have no place. It is important that all incoming students at King’s realize that, from day one, King’s is their school. Our Prefects enjoy everything from assisting with stubborn locker combinations, pointing out the right classrooms and making personal connections with new students. Prefects help run new student orientation activities and international student events, they plan and lead informative and relevant seminars for Grade 9 students, and they provide an inviting atmosphere and listening ear for any student.

Through this program, student leaders are brought to heightened levels of leadership as they build positive relationships and implement their skills. They participate in workshops with leadership experts. King’s Prefects experience recognition, encouragement, empowerment, and ownership.