Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Department of King’s Christian Collegiate aims to enrich the lives of all of its participating students. To be a competent actor, one must first learn to artfully weave oneself into the tapestry that is interpersonal communication. The Theatre Arts program at King’s is designed for everyone, whether it is their dream to perform on Broadway or to simply be the most successful communicator they can be. King’s offers students the opportunity to study theatre in the classroom or in a performance setting.

King’s offers a Theatre Arts course at every grade level. Students follow a unique program of study based on the conservatory model and designed to foster critical thinking, creativity and professionalism. This program is developed around short units of study that intensively focus on one specific area at a time, allowing the student to master one individual skill before moving on. King’s Theatre Arts graduates have been accepted into some of the top theatrical programs in North America.

King’s Players

The King’s Players form the extra-curricular wing of the Theatre Arts Department. The Players present two main stage productions each year. These productions provide the practical experience necessary to further develop the lessons learned in class. Previous productions include: Every Christmas Story Ever Told! (Ontario Premiere), Danny King of the Basement, Our Town, The Beloved Dearly, 12 Angry Jurors, The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and Cyrano.

Student Testimonials

“I can’t thank the Theatre Arts department enough for my success through high school. Drama is where I found my best friends, my work ethic and my passion. Going into high school I was never a great student, mainly because of my poor memory. Working with Mr. Veenstra on memory techniques changed all of this. His faith in me provided the drive necessary to buckle down and memorize what was necessary. Mr. Veenstra’s lessons helped me be able to memorize information for all my other classes and with those methods I was able to achieve the distinction of being an Ontario scholar at graduation.”

– Graeme Scott, currently studying Theatre at Trinity Christian College

“As a student with ADHD, I’ve always been highly energetic. Theatre Arts at King’s was a fantastic way for me to channel my energy into something productive. I made so many friends, in all grades, all with awesome talents and skills. Theatre Arts helped me develop my confidence as well. Although I’m very chatty, I used to be very shy. The people and the judgment-free environment are fantastic. Whether you take part in the class itself or the play, you’ll have a great time.”

– Haley Pierce, currently studying Theatrical Design at Ryerson University

“Being involved with Theatre Arts over the last two years has been a great experience. I have learned so much about myself and am able to apply what I have learned to everyday life. My teacher showed me not only how to let go and just have fun but how to be a confident individual. The program works with students to allow them all to shine and push through their struggles. I would say that it is the most valuable and useful course that I took through high school and that everyone should take a theatre arts class.”

– Alexis Richter, currently studying Communications at the University of Western Ontario

“When I first volunteered for the King’s Players I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I doubt I would be the person I am today without the theatre program at King’s. It pushed my boundaries, both as a student and as an actor.”

– Tyler Stewart, Oakville-based actor

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