The capital levy and the membership fee for the current school year and the next school year are due with the admission application. In subsequent years the membership fee is due with tuition.

There are three options for making payments:

  1. One payment on or before July 1.
  2. Two payments on or before July 1 and December 1.
  3. Twelve pre-authorized payments starting July 1. To select this option, complete the pre-authorized Payment Form and attach a VOID cheque.

Annual Renewal

The process is simple. As per the Tuition Rate Schedule when you first enrolled, the agreement assumes enrolment until graduation unless we are notified no later than May 15th.

We will apply the new rates to your 2017–2018 tuition account based on the same payment and transportation arrangements on file. View 2017-2018 rate schedule >

If your agreement is to make one or two payments for the full tuition payments, please forward these post-dated cheques to the attention of the Senior Financial Administrator, Debbie McKendry no later than May 15, 2017.

If you are currently on the pre-authorized monthly payment plan, the new rate will be reflected on the July 1st payment. If you need to change these arrangements, or would like a copy of your tuition statement, please contact Debbie McKendry by phone at 905.257.5464 ext 502.

Late Payments

All accounts in arrears without consultation with the Financial Services office will be charged 1% per month.

Refund Policy

King’s Christian Collegiate has developed policies to protect the integrity of prudent financial planning while respecting the changing financial reality for families with students enrolled in the King’s program. In extenuating circumstances involving major health concerns or other challenging circumstances, a differentiated policy may apply. In all other circumstances of withdrawal from King’s Christian Collegiate during the school year, whether voluntary or involuntary, the following refund policy will apply:

  • The capital levy is not refundable.
  • The membership fee is not refundable.
  • The transportation fee is not refundable.
  • Tuition paid is refundable, consistent with the schedule as outlined.
  • If a student withdraws prior to October 1, a tuition payment of $6,000 is fully due and the balance of payments is refundable. If $6,000 has not been paid by the date of withdrawal, the balance is due on the withdrawal date.
  • If a student withdraws on or before the end of the First Semester (usually in late January), 50% of the tuition plus $3,000 is fully due. The remaining payments are refundable. If 50% of the tuition plus $3,000 has not been paid at the time of transfer or withdrawal, the balance is due within 30 days.

If a student withdraws during the Second Semester, all fees are fully payable and there are no applicable refunds. If all fees have not been paid, the balance is due on the date of transfer or departure.

Tax Receipt Policy

King’s Christian Collegiate is a registered charity. As a charity, a portion of the tuition paid may qualify for an official receipt for income tax purposes. The King’s Financial Services office calculates the amount eligible using a formula based on Canada Revenue Agency regulations. The actual amount of the receipt that can be issued depends upon individual family situations and the financial costs of providing education as reported on the annual audited financial statements. Receipts are issued in January following the close of the previous calendar year.


King’s Christian Collegiate offers a readily available bursary program designed for the well-being of King’s families. From inception, King’s has maintained a clearly stated strategic goal to welcome families from a wide range of incomes to participate fully in the King’s program. Financial relief is available for tuition fees, transportation fees, service trip fees and other program excursions. Applications are simple and confidential, and can be obtained by speaking with the Director of Admissions during the application process.

Global Awareness Trip Bursary

During their years at King’s, students are encouraged to participate in at least one of the many Global Awareness trips offered each year. We are confident that these trips are a blessing to the destination locations and are instrumental in the character formation of participating students. Whenever the barrier to participation is financial, we encourage students to apply for a Global Awareness Trip Bursary. The value of these bursaries ranges from $100 to 50% of the cost of the excursion. Applications are in the Global Awareness Trip application package.