Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is staffed by educational experts who are equipped to help students in using appropriate strategies and support to reach their academic goals. After a review of the student’s academic history, discussions with parents and in some cases, input from professionals who have been involved in the student’s learning, services are offered according to the needs of the student.

New courses often involve using skills, techniques and information that can be challenging. The Learning Coach, Mr. Harold Ford, works through these challenges with students, teachers and parents to find solutions, such as setting up support structures from teachers, providing help with learning skills, setting up an individual learning program, arranging learning accommodations, arranging alternative resources, and providing a quiet place to work. While some needs are addressed quickly, others call for long-term support. The ultimate goal is that each student will work towards fully independent learning. In the Learning Commons students have access to programs such as Inspiration, TellMeMore, and Dragon Naturally Speaking, among others.