“I just had to say that I am again so impressed by the King’s teachers. I receive detailed emails from the teachers, including phone calls as to how we can help our son succeed. We really feel supported with the challenges that being a parent can bring. The teachers are so affirming and helpful. They are special.” 

– King’s parent

“My husband and I have been really delighted with our son’s schooling and the calibre of the teaching he has received…we have been so pleased as we have watched him synthesize learning in English and history with trends in culture and religion in our day…he is thinking and processing all the time and we appreciate that he has been given good tools and information with which to work. Thank you for allowing him to be his own self – we would hate to see that boy pushed into a mold…molded, yes, by the Master Potter.”

– King’s parent

“My son just wrote his mid-terms at Queen’s where he’s studying biochemistry. He was so well-prepared here at King’s that he excelled beyond our expectations. He wondered if he would be fully prepared after attending King’s, but this is proof that King’s prepares its students for success at university.”

– Parent of King’s Graduate

“I just want to thank you again for your time with and interest in our son. He had a very positive visit with you, was impressed with the school and is very interested in the Prefect Program. He has since told me more than once that he is excited about going to King’s and has asked if he really had to wait until September! I have since talked to two different people recently and mentioned that both my kids will be students at King’s and both said they had heard of King’s and that it had a great reputation. We have been comparing King’s to other high schools, and as our son himself stated, there really isn’t a choice.”

– King’s parent

“We just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful staff members at King’s. You are the heart of this school, filling it with the energy of your dedication, skill and faith. We truly appreciate everything that you do.”

– Barbara and Robert Clausi, King’s parents

FROM Students…

“The teachers at King’s really care and are focused on your educational development. There is an overall atmosphere of friendliness. I’m happy at King’s!”

“King’s is a great place to fit in as a Christian. The teachers are really kind and willing to give you individual help if you need it.”

“King’s is a great place. I learn a lot here and it’s a really good experience. The whole community here makes me feel good. I’ve made some great friendships here. Everyone welcomes everyone else, so no one feels left out.”

FROM Alumni…

“I had to write you because chemistry class (at the University of Ottawa) is reminding me of you. So far, the first five chapters are all things that we’d done in Grade 12. Thank goodness I kept my notes because I don’t understand anything the way the prof explains it. I love your acronyms (LEO GER for redox) and the notes are really helping me out. Also, a lot of my classes teach the same way you taught, so it’s not a huge difference from high school so far. My worst fear did not come true – I wasn’t completely lost in the lab – they pretty much guide you through it and surprisingly, the labs we did at King’s really did help show you how to use the equipment properly. Tell your students to take good notes and to keep them – they’re going to need them! Love you!”

– King’s Graduate in first-year Science at Queen’s University, to a King’s science teacher

“At King’s, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. The teachers go completely out of their way to help you succeed, the smaller environment has allowed me to get to know (at least by face) almost everybody in all four grades, and I’ve always felt 100% comfortable being myself. Thanks for an amazing four years!”

– Jessica Lovelock, King’s Graduate, Class of 2009

“Being a part of the King’s family has been an incredible experience that I believe has already left a life-long mark on who I am and who I strive to be. I thank God for having given me this opportunity to learn so much about myself and build relationships with so many great people – peers and staff included.”

– Jordan Heywood, King’s Graduate, Class of 2009

FROM the community

“If geography was not an issue, I would have my kids at King’s Christian Collegiate, in Oakville. It’s a new school that’s doing great things – it already has a great reputation for strong academics among Christian schools in Canada. The staff I have met and the reputation of the school are just top-notch.”

– Christian High School Principal, British Columbia

“I have been so struck by the very positive experience that my nephew has had, on so many levels, during his year at King’s. It has been so apparent that you and your staff take your roles seriously as you seek to not only educate, but also support and guide. The nurturing of the spirit is an inherent part of the King’s experience, an always present consideration.”

– Aunt of King’s student

“Recently we have been journeying with a couple who are facing significant challenges. Last night we learned from them that through King’s graciousness, their teenager was able to attend King’s this year on a bursary. What a thrill it was to listen to them speak of your sympathetic and gracious approach to their challenge. This has been a huge encouragement to them. I think this speaks volumes about the way you and the Board approach Christian education. It is evident to me you truly believe King’s is God’s school and you are His stewards to do the work of equipping our young people to grow, learn and develop in His ways.”

– Local church leader